Trump, Duterte Discuss Human Rights

U.S. President Donald John Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had been able to briefly discuss the difficult subject of human rights according to a source close to Duterte.

Specifically, President Duterte had brought up his grave concerns about human rights violations in the U.S. committed by racist White cops who shoot and kill unarmed Black teenagers who have not been resisting arrest, White Christian males depriving women of their right to make decisions for their own bodies, entire news networks conspiring to defend and promote child molesters and helping them get elected to Congress, such as, for example, Fox News currently promoting child molester Roy Moore of Alabama, or the very basic right of Americans to peacefully raise awareness of racist issues by kneeling during the National Anthem at football games.

Such violations, Duterte stated during their meeting, are unacceptable in a civilized society.

A spokesman or Duterte stated that Trump “appeared sympathetic and did not have any official position on the matter but was merely nodding his head.”**

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Texas Cop Not a Racist, Just a Regular Asshole, Attorney Says


Texas cop David Eric Casebolt, a video of whom surfaced on the Internet showing him running around amok after black teens, ordering them to the ground, pushing a thin black teenage girl onto her face and putting his knee on her back to hold her down, drawing his handgun and pointing it at black teenagers at least twice during the duration of the video, is not a racist, said his attorney Jane Bishkin.

“He enjoys shouting at people and pushing them around in general. Brutality is part of his personality. He does not discriminate by race,” said Mrs. Bishkin. “He’s just a regular asshole. Nothing more to it.”

She plans to use that fact as the central argument in Mr. Casebolt’s defense in the extremely unlikely event that charges are pressed against Mr. Casebolt.

“Being an asshole is not illegal,” she confirmed. “and that’s all that Mr. Casebolt is.”

Mrs. Bishkin plans to draw on numerous examples from Mr. Casebolt’s past to prove her point.

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