Rudolph and the Brown-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph was a reindeer, one of several, employed by world renowned toy manufacturer Santa Claus to provide horsepower to his delivery sleigh.

But Rudolph was also a little bit different from the other reindeer. His nose was red. That difference was a result of his heritage. He was a descendant of an immigrant family of reindeer from Canada, talented and intelligent, who had also raised Rudolph with similar abilities and values.

Rudolph never told the other reindeer of his background. The other reindeer, who had brown noses, were shallow and uneducated. They had all been raised in the more conservative forests in the United States, where uniformity was the norm, and diversity and intelligence were feared and hated. (Additionally, they had been thoroughly brainwashed by the lying Fox News network, but that is a completely different story altogether.)

Even by hiding his true heritage, Rudolph did not find acceptance. His red nose was a sufficient difference for the other reindeer to shun him, call him names, and not let him play deer games with them.

One day, however, everything changed. Santa, who needed someone to guide his sleigh through winter storms and fog with poor visibility, had no choice but to ask Rudolph to lead the way.  He needed someone competent, or else his deliveries would fail.

Telling this to the other reindeer was not an option. They were quick to judge and easy to anger. So, he came up with an explanation: he was selecting Rudolph because of his red nose.

The brown nosed reindeer were a little surprised, but took the explanation at face value, wasting no time to show Santa their fidelity to his authority. They immediately did a 180 degree on Rudolph, and started complimenting him, stating that he would “go down in history”.

Secretly, each of them booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon to replace their brown noses with red ones.

– – –

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