Tom Cruise Discovers Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life

In a surprise announcement today, Thomas (“Tom”) Cruise Mapother IV revealed that he has definitive proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

“It’s clear if you know where to look,” shared the Mission Impossible action star confidentially.

We wanted to know what helped the reclusive actor gain insight into something that the rest of mankind had been failing to prove, despite the work of many competent scientists.

“I’ve got access to classified information,” said Mr. Cruise mysteriously.

We urged him to provide details.

“Ok,” he agreed reluctantly. “I’ve stumbled on a secret TV transmission,” he admitted. “One of the channels on my TV somehow got a signal from a secret government research. That research is done by two FBI agents, who just know everything about aliens.”

We asked if Mr. Cruise is referring to the popular TV Series The X-files with protagonists Mulder and Scully.

“Shhhh,” nearly panicked Cruise. “No one is supposed to know about that. I don’t know how you got that classified information, but now that you know, your lives might be in danger.”

We thanked him for his time.

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News Sense News is a satirical blog of fake news that aims to criticize and ridicule human ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

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Note: This article pays tribute to the upcoming reboot of the X-files. Fans of the show can check out the following promoted sources:


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