Ben Carson Clarifies His “Rabid Dog” Comparison

Presidential candidate Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr, who has seen steady backlash for comparing Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs” from whom parents should protect their children, stated earlier today that his statement was misquoted.

“What I said was rabbit dogs,” said Carson, correcting the misunderstanding. “I guess it’s easy to hear this differently when I say something like this in front of many people.”

When asked what a “rabbit dog” is, Carson said.

“A rabbit dog is a species of dog. Most people probably don’t know about this kind of dog, but I’m a brain surgeon, I know a lot of things.”

Irrespective of the exact simile, we asked Mr. Carson whether or not the main premise in his analogy still held true. Was he comparing Syrian refugees to sick and dangerous animals who could bite and infect Americans if not properly disposed of?

“Yes and no,” said Carson enigmatically. “You see, there is a lot to know about dogs. Some of them are dangerous. Others are less dangerous. I know a lot about dogs. I guess the other candidates don’t know as much.”

So, what is Mr. Carson’s plan about the Syrian refugees?

“Well, I have a plan,” said Carson. “I think we should spend some time thinking about that, and maybe doing some Google searches. We can find a lot about dogs and other kinds of things on Google.”

We asked about Mr. Carson’t more general view on the Syria crisis and what his plan is for dealing with it.

“Imagine this big hole full of fire and sulfur,” explained Carson, opening his hands in his unique characteristic way, “and parents protecting their children from falling inside…”

Before he could finish his new analogy, he was pulled aside by a campaign aide and then escorted away.

The same aide came back to the podium a few minutes later to explain that Mr. Carson had urgent issues to deal with, and will no longer be available to reporters for the rest of his day.


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News Sense News is a satirical fake news blog that aims to criticize and ridicule human ignorance and narrow-mindedness.



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