CGI Used to Enhance Tom Cruise in Most of His Movies


Photo credited to Bo Bridges – © 2015 – Paramount Pictures

In a surprising revelation, movie studio Paramount admitted today that CGI was heavily used in all movies of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, including earlier movies like Top Gun.

“Well, it’s not a secret that movie directors use CGI to enhance aspects of actors that need a boost,” shared Mission Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie. “Actors are not perfect, and on the screen, we want them to appear perfect.”

CGI is believed to have been in a very early stage when Top Gun was filmed.

“Yes, at that time, it was all very primitive,” admitted McQuarrie. “We mostly just used bubble wrap and duct tape.”

But later, technology advanced, and special effects became the norm.

“Once we were able to use computers, enhancements got easier – and more sophisticated. Now, every Tom Cruise movie features new and enhanced Tom Cruise.”

What aspects of Tom Cruise specifically needed enhancement?

“Well, his brain, of course,” said McQuarrie, slightly surprised from our unawareness. “The rest of his body was acceptable for screen.”

– – –

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