Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz Outlines His Presidential Agenda


Today, the junior senator and presidential hopeful from Texas Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz outlined the key points of his agenda should he be elected President.

“When elected President,” he said, “I plan to repeal things.”

What exactly is he planning to repeal?

“I will start by repealing Obamacare,” he responded. “I will then repeal the IRS, the FBI and the CIA.”

We were curious as to why.

“I just enjoy repealing,” he said simply. “Being repulsive is part of my personality, my identity, my constitution.”

Talking about the Constitution, how will Mr. Cruz run for President when it’s unconstitutional for candidates to run if they were not born in the United States?

“We will repeal the Constitution too,” confirmed Cruz.

Anything else to repeal?

“I will also repeal Common Core,” he vowed. “Every word of it.”

How will Mr. Cruz repeal something that’s not a federal law?

“With Will and Determination,” he explained.

We wished him best of luck in remaining a Senator.

– – –

News Sense News is a satirical blog that aims to criticize and ridicule ignorance and narrow-mindedness.


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