Steven Seagal Movie Runs Out of Characters


“Attack Execution”, the highly anticipated new action flick, written, directed and starred by American actor, film producer, screenwriter, film director, martial artist, musician, reserve deputy sheriff and entrepreneur Steven Frederick Seagal had to unexpectedly end in the middle due to lack of remaining alive characters.

“Steven has just gotten too good at what he does,” explained one of the movie staff members who serves an unknown function in the making of the movie since Steven typically handles everything by himself. “He kills quickly and creatively, not leaving much chance for anyone to mount a feasible battle with him.”

“Attack Execution” follows other successful Seagal movies such as “Narc Force”, “Attack Force”, “Force of Execution”, “Narc Execution” and “Narc Attack”. It was expected, in a way, to represent and end of an era.

“As such,” explained the unnamed move staff member, “Attack Execution” was meant to be the most violent and action-packed flick of all of them.

The movie starts off casually with Special Ops Agent Jack Crass (Seagal) accidentally passing by a maximum security prison on his way home exactly at the moment when a group of highly skilled killers happen to be escaping.

Crass is worried by the possible consequences such an escape can have on headline news at a time when the most important discussions on media should be those on Global Warming. He reluctantly removes the safety of his handgun which he was incidentally already holding in his right hand as he drove, and joins the chase.

Astounding action sequences follow, in which many vehicles are destroyed, many buildings are bulldozed to rubble, and many vicious and violent criminals are killed.

But no fight is perfect. As Crass is shooting the bad guys, the bad guys are shooting at all other characters who try to help Crass. The battle is violent, and everyone gets killed, except Crass, who shoots the last remaining bad guy, and then stands in the middle of a destroyed city, wondering about his next steps.

The movie comes to an unexpected end since Crass has no one else left to kill, or interact with in any other way.

“I’ve learned so much from this experience,” shares Seagal.

He is considering revising the script, so that it starts off with more characters. This way, the action can be sustained longer.

Re-filming of the movie may be expensive though, which is why CGI technology may potentially be used to insert some of the new characters digitally into the already filmed first half of the movie.


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